Whether it’s mystery, noir, hardboiled, psychological, thriller, pulp, or literary crime, Dark Passages Publishing is looking to promote strong voices and novellas that exceed expectations and surprise the reader in both context and form. Give us something nebulous, something gritty, something radical, compelling stories with intriguing characters and quality writing. We’re hungry for work that unsettles and thrills with language and twists.

Dark Passages Publishing is a world populated by psychopaths, sociopaths, misfits, and sundry fellow travelers ebbing and flowing in the common goals of “the big score,” “achieving total dominance,” and “righting wrongs.” We want a world whose narrators’ understanding of such things in direct contrast to the world at large, due to their own peculiar world views, is embedded in quest of their goals. Such a world has been covered by Jim Thompson and Cornell George Hopley-Woolrich. Think The Killer Inside Me, The Grifters, The Killing, and No Hope for Tomorrow.

Dark Passages Publishing is home to The J.J. Outre Review.

$4.20 - 7.00
$4.20 - 7.00


The J.J. Outré Review is a semi-annual on-line journal with an annual print issue publishing well-written, a highly engaging pulp fiction for a new generation. Think Rae Bryant, Cat Rambo, Michael Kelly, Jeff Vandermeer and others. 

The J.J. Outré Review is looking to bend and mix the traditional genres and subgenres. Give us crime, mystery, thriller, suspense, horror, science fiction, fantasy, or adventure, magical realism, slipstream, new weird, neo-noir or new wave fabulist or anything and everything in between. But, give us a genre story with heavy literary undertones, a clear concern for the language itself and not formulaic plot and characters. We’re looking for stories that exceed expectations, surprise the reader in both context and form. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Give us something weird, something nebulous, something gritty, insecure, radical. We’re hungry for surprising poetic prose, prose that leads to unknown wonders.

If your work attempts to bewilder, unsettle, thrill, baffle or completely terrify anyone with language and twists, you’ve found a home with The J.J. Outré Review. We don’t care if you call it crime, mystery, thriller, suspense, horror, science fiction, fantasy, adventure or something blurred or in-between, we want to read it. We want to publish compelling stories, intriguing characters, quality writing and strong literary elements. Come on, try us. We welcome the bizarre, in fact, we encourage it. 

The J.J. Outré Review is a Dark Passages Publishing publication.

Contact us @ thejjoutrereview@gmail.com.


Send us your best, odd, bizarre, literary, unique, fun, solid work.

Please send no more than 3 stories, each in a separate document, at one time. We accept fiction up to a maximum of 5,000 words per story.

We read BLIND. Please include a short 3-4 line third person bio in the Submittable coverletter only. Please do not include biographical information or your name in the submission itself. Failure to comply with our guidelines may result in a delay of considering your submission and/or declination of your work.

***We are not interested in zombies, vampires, werewolves, fairies or shapeshifters nor are we interested in fan-fic.***

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